Tom van der Valk

Tom van der Valk

NBIS expert

Current affiliation:
NBIS, Uppsala University
ICM - Department of Cell and Molecular Biology


Publications: [Papers in Google Scholar]

Research interests

I am interested in the study of endangered and extinct animal populations using genomic data and computational methods. During my PhD I analyzed genomes of critically endangered primates with a focus on eastern gorillas to better understand the genomic consequences of anthropogenic induced rapid population declines. In my current research I use ancient, historical and modern DNA to study adaptations to changing environments with a focus on Arctic mammals.

Short CV

2019 – Present: Postdoctoral Researcher, Swedish Museum of Natural History
2014 – 2019: PhD in Animal Ecology, Uppsala University, Sweden
2012-2014: Msc. Molecular Biology and Bioinformatics, Leiden&Wageningen University, the Netherlands
2009-2012: BSc. Biology, Leiden University, the Netherlands