Isabelle Feinauer

PhD Student

Centre for Palaeogenetics
Svante Arrhenius väg 20C
SE-106 91 Stockholm


Organisation: Department of Zoology, Stockholm University

Publications: [Papers in Google Scholar]

Research Description

I am a population geneticist and evolutionary biologist, currently working on my PhD project. My research is focusing on the recolonisation of Scandinavian mammals, such as Brown bears, lemmings, and moose, after the last ice age. Here, I aim to investigate how possible founder effects and (more recent) bottlenecks have shaped the genomic history and modern-day population structure of those species. To achieve this, I am generating and analysing ancient, historical, and modern genomes.

Brief CV:
Mar 2022 – present: PhD student in Systematics and Evolutionary Biology, Stockholm University & Swedish Museum of Natural History 

Oct 2019 – Jan 2022: Master’s degree in Anthropology, Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz

Nov 2018 – Sep 2019: Research assistant in forensic molecular pathology, Department of Legal Medicine University Hospital, Frankfurt am Main

Oct 2015 – Oct 2018: Bachelor’s degree in Biology, Technical University, Darmstadt