Flore Wijnands

PhD Student

Centre for Palaeogenetics
Svante Arrhenius väg 20C
SE-106 91 Stockholm

Email: flore.wijnands@geo.su.se

Organisation: Department of Geological Sciences, Stockholm University

ResearchGate: [ResearchGate Page]

Research Description

The Arctic Ocean is currently experiencing rapid warming, impacting biodiversity and ecosystem functions. Looking at past warming events, such as occurred during the last deglaciation and previous glacial-interglacial transitions, can help to make predictions for the future. During my PhD I will use sedimentary ancient DNA from marine sediment cores from the Arctic Ocean to study biotic turnovers at glacial-interglacial transitions. I will start with recent sediments and aim to work my way down to sediment layers up to 450,000 years old. My goal is to test whether ecological changes across glacial-interglacial transitions are comparable and can be used as a model for ongoing climate warming.

Short CV:
May 2023 – present: PhD in Marine Geology (Stockholm University)
2020 – 2022: MSc in Freshwater and Marine Biology (University of Amsterdam)
2018 – 2019: Research assistant at Department of Physical Geography (Utrecht University)
2015 – 2018: BSc in Earth Sciences (Utrecht University, The Netherlands)