CPG launches new website

This is the launch of the official webpage for the Centre for Palaeogenetics in Stockholm. Here, you will find updates on our publications and other news, as well as information about the researchers working at CPG and the projects they are working on.

We are now only weeks away from moving into our new offices and laboratories! The builders are working almost around the clock to finish the last details. Once everything is ready, CPG will feauture office space for up to 40 researchers, and 250 m2 of completely refurbished laboratories dedicated to work on ancient and extremely degraded DNA.

Also, we are very excited about our MSc course that starts next week, titled “Paleoecology, Genetics and Human Prehistory”. The course will run for 10 weeks, and features several invited world-leading researchers who will give lectures, including Ludovic Orlando, Katerina Duoka, Adrian Lister and Carina Schlebusch.

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