We’re hiring!

CPG is currently growing and today (March 23) we have seven positions open. If you are interested in doing a PhD, Postdoc or to work with us in general, please go to Opportunities for more information. As many new colleagues will arrive soon, we are acquiring more office space in the adjacent corridor here at Stockholm University to make room for everyone. Research groups are also increasing, and except for the original two headed by Love Dalén and Anders Götherström, four more groups have joined CPG: Group Anna Linderholm, Group Tom van der Valk, Group Peter Heintzman and Group David Díez del Molino. We now represent a great range of research topics within ancient DNA, from archaeo- and deep-time genomics to environmental and sedimentary aDNA. The aDNA service facility, funded by SciLifeLab, is also upscaling activities at CPG with a full-time research engineer, starting later this spring. We wish all new colleagues a warm welcome!

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