Dr Jean-Luc Tison


Department of Bioinformatics and Genetics
Swedish Museum of Natural History
Box 50007
SE-104 05 Stockholm

Email: Jean-Luc.Tison@nrm.se
Phone: +46 (0)8 5195 4231

Scholar: [Papers in Google Scholar]

ResearchGate: [ResearchGate Page]

Current Research

Using genetics as a tool to examine past demographic change in animals

I'm using both mitochondrial and microsatellite DNA analyses on modern and historic museum specimens to investigate the population history of different species. The aim is to develop a better undertanding on how past climate change as well as anthropogenic changes have affected the demography and genetic variation in these taxa. My work encompasses a wide variety of species, including butterflies, otters, fish, whales and moose.


Supervisor: Dr Love Dalén (Swedish Museum of Natural History)
Co-supervisors: Dr. Karin Norén (Stockholm University)

Brief CV

Oct 2008 – Jan 2015.. PhD in Molecular Genetics, Stockholm Uni.
2006 - 2008..... M.Sc in Biodiversity, Ecology, Evolution, University of Montpellier 2
2003 - 2006..... B.Sc in Genetics, Paris Diderot University – Paris 7
Jul 2013 – Sep 2014.... Res. assistant, Dept. of Bioinfo & Gen., Swedish Museum of Natural History
Aug 2012 – Jun 2013... Teacher in Biology, Geology, Lycée Francais St Louis, Stockholm
May 2011 – June 2011...Visiting scholar, Dept. of Organ. and Evol. Bio, Harvard University
Jan 2011 – May 2011... Aerial Marine Mammal Observer, REMMOA project, French Polynesia
Aug 2009 – Oct 2009… Field assistant, Mingan Island Cetacean Study, Canada
2014 CF Liljevalchs Stiftelsen - travel grant
2010 K&A Wallenberg Stiftlelsen – travel grant
M.Sc Molecular Evolution and Phylogeny
B.Sc Genetics Introduction.
B.Sc Genetics I.



Tison JL, Blennow V, Palkopoulou E, Gustafsson P, Roos A, Dalén L. 2015. Population structure and recent temporal changes in genetic variation in Eurasian otters from Sweden. Conservation Genetics, in press.

Tison JL, Edmark VN, Sandoval-Castellanos E, Van Dyck H, Tammaru T, Välimäki P, Dalén L, Gotthard K. (2014). Population history, genetic structure and local adaptation at the northern range margin of the speckled wood butterfly. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, 113: 136–148.

Wilson AM, Schlade-Bartusiak K, Tison JL, Macintyre G, Cox DW. (2009). A minigene approach for analysis of ATP7B splice variants in patients with Wilson disease. Biochimie, 10: 1342-5 

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