Johannes Måsviken

Johannes Måsviken2

PhD Student

Department of Bioinformatics and Genetics
Swedish Museum of Natural History
Box 50007
SE-104 05 Stockholm

Phone: +46 704343774


Current Research

Biodiversity patterns and the processes regulating them along altitude gradients in the Swedish mountains

Alpine environments have a harsh climate and harbour simple ecosystems characterised by a low primary productivity. Productivity gradients in both latitude and altitude cause further declines in species richness and ecological complexity. Alpine species communities are particularly susceptible to ecological perturbations caused by global warming, such as north- and upward expansions of boreal and sub-alpine species. The Fennoscandian mountains contain sub-Arctic and alpine environments that provide important ecosystems services for diverse stakeholder groups. Although north- and upward expansions of some species is already ongoing, we have scant information of the likely effects of and the processes regulating such range shifts for resident species communities. In my PhD project, I will quantify community composition of vascular plants and arthropods along altitude gradients along the Fennoscandian mountains and investigate how such altitude variation is influenced by latitude, grazing, and competition. I will use genetic methods for identification of different arthropod groups.


Swedish mountains2


Supervisor: Prof. Love Dalén (Swedish Museum of Natural History)
Co-supervisor: Dr. Fredrik Dalerum (University of Oviedo) &
Dr. Karin Norén (Stockholm University)


Brief CV


May 2018 – present: PhD in Systematics and Evolutionary Biology, Swedish Museum of Natural History

Aug 2017 – May 2018: Environmental consultant, COWI

Aug 2015 – Jun 2017: Master’s Degree in Landscape Ecology, Stockholm University

Aug 2012 – Aug 2015: Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and Earth science, Stockholm University





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